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About Us

A company’s motor is its business philosophy, without this the company won’t be able to move forward and cannot achieve its goals.

I have learnt my business philosophy from my father and it can be summarized in one sentence:

The world was created to be round because in any minute you may run into someone you have met before. Pay attention to that he will remember you as a decent businessman and not as a swindler… thus you should always respect everyone….


I started my activity in the Hungarian real estate market in 2003.

Tallinger Tender Kft. was established in 2007. My company specialized in management of city logistic projects as well as office buildings. While managing your company in a thriving and profitable way we represent the investor’s interests in the company.

The services include the establishment of the project company, my personal mandate as managing director of this company, and the support of a team of experts I had the luck to meet during the years of my activity in the Hungarian business community. My team of experts includes lawyers, bookkeepers, public accountants (we are experienced in IFRS reports), appraisers, construction supervisors, contractors and other suppliers who may be helpful in the management of such projects.

I have great experience in locating such projects, the establishment of the project company, management of the renovation of the real estate and renting it out to solid tenants. The tenants may be small Hungarian companies as well as multinational companies who are active in the Hungarian market.

The “product” I offer to our investors is different from the classical management companies. The difference is that the management is established within the project company so the owner is able to take control at any moment without being captured by an external management company. The takeover can be done without shaking the activity of the project company. The change of the managing director is done but the day to day activity of the company will go on by the same people that the tenants and the suppliers have met in the operation.

This is why our service is recommended to companies that have projects that are over 10,000 m² GLA.

Of course, the services can be customized from the classical management company service to any other form that the investor prefers. However in my experience this way when the project company is the employer of the project company’s employees, the operation tales place in the investor’s offices that is in the best interest of the owner.

The company took part in other activities in the real estate market since its operation such as real estate brokerage; financial consulting for bank financing and regular business consulting specialized for real estate companies who are active in the local real estate market.

My clients come from the local Hungarian business community as well as from among Israeli, German & Chinese investors. We have represented private investors and stock exchange registered companies too.

Let’s meet, have a coffee, and discuss your project and join forces for your success. I promise to do my best that after our firt meeting you will remember me as a decent businessman…


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